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Tournament of Minds



Rationale™ is software to sharpen your critical thinking skills.

In whatever challenge you are undertaking, you will need to consider a problem, weigh up alternatives and communicate your solution. You will need to consider lots of information and many different ideas and options. So how are you going to do this?


Rationale™ can offer you asssistance by providing a framework for you to:

  • Organise your ideas
  • Plan activities
  • Research options and evidence
  • Develop arguments
  • Evaluate alternatives, and
  • Communicate a convincing solution


Each Victorian TOM team receives a free copy of Rationale™!

Here’s how to get thinking with Rationale™:

  1. Download the program here.  
  2. Activate the program with the code received in a letter sent to your team facilitator.
  3. Start using Rationale™!
  4. To help you get the full benefit of Rationale™, you can attend one of the workshops in your region.


Good luck and enjoy the challenge!