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The Value of Reasoning

The general skills of reasoning and argumentation have always been valuable. Yet as we enter the era of the knowledge economy, they have become more crucial than ever before. The ability to present a well-reasoned case - or to critically assess the reasoning of others - is essential in a wide range of professional roles.

Studies have shown that a majority of the population are seriously deficient in their general reasoning capacities, and only a small number of people have achieved genuine mastery. Most professionals are somewhere in between: they are competent but there is often room for improvement.

High-quality reasoning is not an innate talent or mysterious gift. Most people can reach high levels of expertise given enough practice and knowledge of the relevant principles. Unfortunately many people have not undertaken deliberate training in the general skills, assuming that ability is only possessed or acquired "naturally."


Austhink arranges intensive workshops covering the fundamental concepts and methods of good reasoning. They focus on informal or "natural language" reasoning - the most common in ordinary affairs - rather than formal logic or mathematical reasoning. Participants will:

  • develop appreciation of the nature and importance of informal reasoning

  • learn specific procedures for better reasoning

  • improve reasoning skills through intensive practice

The outcome is improved general reasoning skills, applicable in any domain where issues must be resolved through dialog and debate in natural language.

Where possible, workshops make use of state-of-the-art interactive multimedia software for reasoning skills developed at the University of Melbourne.


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