Rationale 1.3 New Features

In Version 1.3 we've introduced new features and resources to enhance your reasoning.




Integrated online exercises

Our new online learning exercises can be used from within the Rationale™ browser. The exercises build your critical thinking skills by teaching you how to map ideas and reasoning, evaluate arguments, and organise argumentative essays. The exercises make use of the new drag and drop from the web feature. 


Set 2 Exercise 4



Rationale Wiki

The Rationale Wiki allows users to share maps, ideas, lesson plans, comments, anything Rationale™ related! This pool of online resources can be accessed from within the Rationale™ broswer.

Access the Wiki 



Drag and drop from the web

Within the Rationale™ browser, conveniently drag Rationale™ files onto your workspace from the web. This feature is designed for use with the online exercises and the Rationale Wiki, but works on any website with a link to a Rationale™ file.



Easier navigation

Move easily between mulitple maps on your workspace with 'Next Map'. Rationale™ will zoom to fit the the next map.

New workspace panning buttons also allow you to move conveniently around the workspace.



Colour sticky notes

You can now organise your notes and annotations by colour coding them.


 Coloured Sticky Notes



Evaluations in text outline

Map evaluations now appear in text outline. The relative strength of each reason and objection is indicated by asterisks: * for weak, ** for strong. Those offering no support or objection are crossed out. Where a claim has been accepted, rejected, or no stand taken, this is indicated in italics next to the claim.


Evaluation output 



Map references

You now have the option of turning on 'map references' to quickly pinpoint and communicate key claims in large maps. The references work just like a street directory, with numbers identifying the vertical position and letters the horizontal position. Activate this feature using the 'Map References' button in the 'View' menu.


Map Reference


Visibility dimmer for layout options

When using the 'Show Path' or 'Show Context' map layouts, you can now adjust the visibility of the rest of the map.




Scratchpad text save 

Any text typed or pasted into the scratchpad is now saved with your Rationale™ file. Work on text in Rationale™ and build maps from it over multiple sessions.

The Scratchpad now also has 'Clear text' and 'Reset text' buttons.