Rationale 1.2 New Features

In Version 1.2 we've added a number of features designed to enable you to do more with Rationale™, and to make using it easier and more enjoyable. New features include:

  • Annotate maps by attaching sticky notes
  • Full-screen mode
  • Improved layout options
  • Animated zooming
  • Auto-spacing of maps
  • Open files faster
  • Save preferences


Annotate maps by attaching sticky notes

You can now attach notes to boxes simply by dragging and dropping them onto a box. Connected by an arrow, the note will then follow the box whenever it is moved around the workspace. You can change the position of the note by dragging it around the box, or detach it by selecting "Detach" from your mouse's right-click menu.

Attach stickynote




Full-screen mode


Need more workspace? Want to display or present your map? You can now view maps in full-screen mode. F11 toggles between full-screen and normal mode. Alternatively, use the icons located in the view menu and on top of the ribbon bar.


Full Screen1





Full Screen2



Improved layout options

We've made it easier to present with Rationale™ by improving the layout options. "Show context" and "show path" are now interactive, allowing you to move around a map, highlighting particular claims or lines of argument.






Animated zooming

You can now enjoy animated zooming when using "show all" or "show map". Not only does it look great in presentations, but it helps you to understand the effect of these functions.


Animated zoom




Auto-spacing of maps

New Auto-spacing keeps your workspace organised, preventing overlapping when you're working on multiple maps. When maps are moved too close together, or dropped on top of one another, they are automatically repositioned.




Open files faster

Now even large maps open quickly, which means you spend less time waiting and more time mapping.



Save preferences

Rationale™ will now remember the settings used in your previous worksession, including window size and position and the mapping mode you used in the building panel.