Rationale 1.1 New Features

Version 1.1 is the first significant update to Rationale™ since the product was released. We've added a number of features designed to enable you to do more with Rationale™, and to add colour and impact to your maps. Features include:

  • Text Outline
  • Basis icons
  • Background graphic
  • Coloured boxes
  • Recently Used Files
  • New Splash


Text Outline

The Text Outline feature enables you to view any map in a condensed "prose" mode. Using check boxes, you can quickly change the format of the text outline to suit your needs. From the text outline pane, you can copy a text version for use in, e.g., a Word document.

Rationale 1.1 Text Outline


Basis Icons

The original Rationale™ had basis boxes, but 1.1 gives these much more impact and utility with the addition of custom-designed basis icons.

Basis Icons


Background Graphic

Add pizzazz to your maps by having a background graphic. You can adjust the transparency level of the graphic to create the best visual effect.

Background Graphic


Coloured Boxes

In Grouping activities, you can choose from a palette of attractive colours for boxes.

Coloured boxes


Recently Used Files

Rationale™ incorporates its own version of a much-used feature of programs such as Microsoft Word:

Recently Used Files


New Splash Screen

The new splash screen helps users go straight to whatever activity interests them most.