File Compatibility

As Rationale™ has evolved, new features have been added.  This has created problems of file compatibility between different versions. 

With version 1.2, we made a major step forward in addressing this problem, introducing full forwards- and backwards compatibility:

Version 1.1 and earlier  CAN read all earlier files.  Cannot read later files. 
Version 1.2 and later  CAN read ALL files

This leaves one problem.  If you create or modify a file with 1.2 or later, you can't share that file with any friends who are using 1.1 or earlier. 

This is just a transitional phase; after a while, nobody will be using 1.1 or earlier, so there will be no problem.

In the meantime, here are some ways to deal with this issue:

  1. If possible, 1.1 users should update to the current version.
  2. Alternatively, 1.2 users should use 1.1, at least until your friends have updated.

    This can be done by downloading the v.1.1 installer.  Note that you can have both 1.2 (or later) and 1.1 installed on the same computer.  Just make sure, during the installation process, that they are being installed into different folders in your Programs folder.  The two versions cannot run at the same time, however.