Using Rationale in a College class

This is an "FAQ"-style guide for college instructors thinking of using Rationale in their subject.

If you have any further queries, please contact us. We will get you an answer quickly (and probably update this guide).

How much will it cost?

The list price for Rationale is currently $59 (+GST for Australian customers) for a standard license and $29.50 (+GST for Australian customers) for an annual subscription. Most students will choose the cheaper annual subscription license.

How will my students get hold of the software?

The latest version of the software can be downloaded at any time from The software will run, fully-functional, for a 30 day trial period. At the end of that period, the student will have to obtain a license code to activate the software.

How do my students get a license code?

Students can purchase their license codes from our website, or from one of our resellers.

Alternatively, you can purchase activations on your students' behalf, and distribute codes to them. This can end up being much cheaper for the students, but can be more of a headache for you.

Where can it be purchased in the US?

See ourfull list of resellers. At the moment, the only US reseller is Creation Engine.

Can my students get a discount?

Yes, this can happen in a number of ways.

  1. If your institution purchases a volume site license with enough activations, you can hand those out to your students.
  2. A second option is to make the software a "required text" in your class. If you do this, we will provide you with a coupon code for a 20% discount. To get this discount, you will need to provide fairly convincing evidence that it is in fact a required text (e.g., a copy of the class syllabus showing the requirement). The coupon will last for 30 days. After that time, the students can still purchase, but at regular prices.

What if the students have technical problems?

Our support staff will handle technical queries by email. You will find our support to be very fast and effective, though it only operates during regular business hours Eastern Australia time.

Is there a Mac version?

There is no Mac version, but it can often be used on a Mac. For more see the response to this issue in our main FAQ.