Why do we need argument maps?

In an increasingly complex world, many professionals and businesspeople are dealing with:

  • Information overload - we need to sift, organise and assess what's relevant and valuable.
  • Demanding and sceptical stakeholders - we need to present and write logically to persuade others or justify decisions and actions.


What will argument maps do for me?

Argument maps are the premium tool for clarifying and communicating reasoning. They give you

  • clarity in judgment
  • efficiency in communication


When would I use an argument map?

  • When making important judgments and decisions, where clarity and rigour matter
  • When preparing memos, reports, executive summaries or presentations, where the goal is clear and effective communication.

Argument mapping is a tool - just like a word processor or calculator. You wouldn't use them for every communication or every calculation - but there are times when it wouldn't make sense to try and do without them.



Austhink has developed Rationale, the leading software for argument mapping. Rationale has been designed from the outset to support argument mapping in professional contexts.



Austhink provides a range of services, designed specifically to meet the needs of educators and professionals.


Free Online Argument Mapping Tutorials

Six tutorials covering the fundamentals of argument mapping.


Some Questions Answered

View or download our Argument Mapping At Work pdf booklet.

Argument Mapping At Work