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Rationale is magic when it comes to thinking through a problem.  As I've gotten older I've found myself involved in intellectual discussion groups and political actions activities.  The realization that I think so differently from others and that no one in a group holds all the same values was becoming more clear every time I met with these people.   I decided it was time to think about how I think.

Rationale helped me improve my ability to see all the elements of a problem and make an argument.  It gave me the insight I needed to know more about how and why I think like I do so I could assess and improve on that skill.   To my great delight I found that argument mapping could be fun as well as eye opening.

If I had had Rationale in college I not only would have understood critical thinking better, my thinking skills would've been finely tuned and problem solving would have become a much more rewarding pursuit.  Now my ideas are more accurate and better articulated. - Chet Dailey

Dear Critical Thinker,

Welcome to Ratatouille, a monthly serve of RationaleTM news and tips.

Teaching the world to reason  

Victorian students competing in the Tournament of Minds (TOM) will be using Rationale in this battle of wits. Rationale is a major sponsor for Victoria, providing each team with a Rationale license to assist them in the challenges. There are four challenges and the social sciences challenge will be called the "Rationale Social Sciences Challenge." The first prize for primary and secondary in this category win a Rationale site license and individual licenses for the team members. The challenge finals are held in mid to late August.

Recent Australian schools who have embraced Rationale include Methodist Ladies College, Ballarat Grammar, Girton Grammar, Camberwell High School, Koonung Secondary Collage, Damascus Collage, and Loyola College. Abroad, The University of Nevada has come on board with Rationale.

See who else is using Rationale

Purchase a starter pack of 25 licenses for $975 (ex GST) and receive 25 additional licenses FREE!*
*Applies to lifetime ownership and limited to an additional 25 licenses per customer. GST only applies to Australian customers. Offer valid until the 30th of June.

In Business

Austhink Consulting

Austhink broke new ground in May with the completion of its report Why tanks? Why Abrams? - a review of the thinking behind the decision to buy the new tanks - for the Army's Force Development Group. The report systematically maps the debate that the decision generated and is a showcase for the utility of argument mapping in making the thinking behind such decisions, in general, more accessible.

Contact us if you would like to be informed when the Tanks report becomes available.  

 Want to join the Austhink team?
 We are currently looking for a Sales director. See our advertisement on Seek to apply.

New Trial Period 

The trial period for Rationale has now been extended to 30 days. This will give you even more time to see what Rationale is all about. 

User tips - Spell Check

Spell checking your map - If you copy a map as an image, then paste it in to a Microsoft Word document, you can get word to spell check your map by right clicking the image and selecting “edit image.” Word will create text boxes around each line of text in the claim boxes, and you can even edit the text. (Although big changes will probably look funny).

Spell check Picture  

 User Tips - Undo/Redo

Possibly the most useful button in Rationale. If ever you do something really silly, this magic button will solve all your problems, undoing whatever you just did. You can step back as many times as you need. The Redo button can also be a good way to make a demonstration of how you created a map. Simply undo to your starting point, than redo to show the steps!

Rationale Wiki 

Rationale Stuff, the wiki for everything Rationale related, is up and running. New additions to the wiki include 3 argument maps about French-Canadian politics. Note that these argument maps are in French. 

If you would like to contribute to the wiki, just contact us and we'll send you the password.

Best of the Blogs

For an argument map giggle, see Dan Prager's blog post on the The 10 Comapments, from his blog The Daily Kibitz. 

Rumours from the tech-rom

The big news from the tech-room is that Rationale is starting to go multi-lingual. We are currently working on a Dutch version.

Dutch Reasoning Map

Want Rationale translated into your language? Let us know.

Click here to read Andy Bulka's comic, which shows some of the problems of naming your newsletter after tasty food. 

As always, if you have any thoughts or suggestions, please let us know.


--The Team at Austhink Software

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