On this page you will find a range of secondary educators and students. Read their stories and see what Rationale resources they utilise to solve their educational concerns.


Middle Years Educator


Hey, my name’s Kel. I believe that students should be politically active. There’s a lot of inequality in the world and as a teacher I think it is my role to open students’ eyes to the world and seek solutions to make it a better place – for everyone. I think this necessitates influencing decision makes, so inevitably politics is at the core of change.

The main things I would like my students to do better are:
1. incorporate evidence in their judgments
2. structure their essays so that paragraphs contain separate ideas and all relate back to a central contention
3. understand how to evaluate different opinions





Hi, I’m Deirdre. I love being a teacher – at the moment I’m teaching English and Geography in the Middle School though I can also teach Legal Studies and Commerce. The best thing about teaching is when a student “gets it” – and can apply that knowledge to their own life and to the world around them.

I would like my students to think about the infromation they are getting from the interent and be critical about it. Often they just cut and paste information without reading, let alone undertsanding it. I would also them to incorporate this information with their ideas to create a well written and structured essay.

Theory of Knowledge Educator


  1. Rationale Rigour Snapshot
  2. Rationale Rigour Resource Pack
  3. Online TOK exercises*



Good afternoon. I’m Alan and I teach the TOK (IB Theory of Knowledge) programme. I am a Masters student in Philosophy and I am thrilled to be teaching IB. My students are a good bunch but do enjoy having a battle now and again – with ideas of course! This is essential for learning about other people’s perspectives, values and beliefs and indeed, for them to learn about knowing oneself.

The main things I would like my students to do better are to understand and apply central reasoning concepts when formulating an argument. I would also like them to effectively critique arguments and analyse information.





Diploma Programme Educator



My name is Jan and I am the IB Coordinator for the DP. I am always very busy, nonetheless I think it is essential for the IB staff to participate in professional development and training programmes. After all, we are role models for our students and it keeps us actively learning and seeking new and better ways to teach. As a coordinator I spend quite a bit of time focussing on the professional development needs of staff.

In order for students to think more critically about ideas and opinions, I would like training for teachers so that they have more ideas about integrating thinking tools and resources into their classrooms.

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Rationale's Solution Pack for lower secondary Students

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  • Wiki online sharing and learning
  • Rationale essay planning templates

Hi my name is Sam, and I want to be a Doctor like my father. I like to play the piano, I’m in the chess team at school and my best subjects are science and maths. I like these subjects because you’re either right or wrong. I never know if I’m right or wrong in English. My younger sister (pictured) is Lucie who is 12 and also wants to be a Doctor. She is really good at languages.

I don’t really know what it means to reason or analyse so I would like to know. I think it’s a good idea to get lots of practice so you don’t forget things.




Middle Years Student

Rationale's Solution Pack for middle
year secondary students

My name is Ling and I live in KL in Malaysia. I like to take photos and document peoples’ lives. I’m excited about my personal project (IB year 10 MYP) I will be creating a photo documentary of my grandparents’ lives and thinking about the changes they have seen in their culture, community and in their personal lives. In my spare time, I upload photos onto my flikr site and read biographies.

I would like help with essays and to be better at debating. I find it hard to get across all my different ideas because I spend too long on one idea and don’t have time to rebutt the other team.

Diploma Programme Student



Rationale's Solution Pack for senior secondary students

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Hi - I’m David. People usually think I’m Greek, an Aboriginal Australian or Indonesian. Actually I’m just an Australian but with parents who were born in Fiji and New Zealand! As a result I consider myself a global citizen who lives in a great country (though I don’t always like the politics). I really enjoy having debates with my friends. I hope to go to Uni, travel the world and become an Ambassador in an overseas country.

I would like to be the James Bond of the thinking world! To think like a computer but with great witt and with such precision that my opponents’ views are cut down in flames!








Rationale's Solution Pack for IB Diploma Programme Students

  1. Online TOK exercises*
  2. Online tutorials
  3. Rationale essay guide

Hello, my name is Matilda. I love reading and wish to go to University next year and study Psychology. I enjoy school though IB is a lot of work. To relax I like to watch Bollywood films. My all time favourite is Kal Ho Naa Ho.

I would like more practice to understand the central concepts in TOK (the IB Theory of Knowledge component). There are just so many concepts we are expected to know, and I'm never sure if I have really understood. I would also love assistance with writing my extended essay because it’s difficult working out what information to put where.






*You can copy and paste the URL for the exercises into the Rationale browser. Then, drag and drop the exercises onto the Rationale workspace.