On this page you will find a range of primary educators and students. Read their stories and see what Rationale resources they utilise to solve their educational concerns.


Primary Years Educator


Rationale's solution pack for
Primary Years Teachers

  1. Educator Guide

  2. Primary Educators' Supplement

  3. Sample Map Pack for Primary years

Hello. My name is Elizabeth and my goal is to educate students to be confident and voice their ideas clearly and respectfully. I hope that my students(IB) leave the PYP being excited about learning and having the confidence to enact their ideas. The main things I would like my students to do better are to give reasons for their opinions and to consider other points of view.









Primary Years Student


Rationale's solution pack for
Primary Years Students

  1. Online exercises* sets 1-4
  2. Wiki online sharing and learning
  3. Essay planning templates 1-3


My name’s Jurgen. I like school because I like being with my friends and playing sport when it’s not too cold. I also like learning English so I can understand my favourite football player – David Beckham.