"I like your argument graphics for their simplicity, their clarity, and aesthetic design, and above, all I believe that students or corporate folks would feel inspired to use them."

-Marlys Mayfield, College of Alameda, California

"I am very impressed with Rationale™ as a tool to assist students in improving the structure of their analytical essays... Rationale™ greatly assists our staff in implementing the higher order thinking skills that are essential to improving student learning."

-Catherine O'Kane, St Rita's College

"An outstanding product with a broad range of curriculum applications. The visual nature of this software will prove very valuable in assisting my students to organise their thinking."

- Garry Chapman, Assistant Director of Curriculum, Ivanhoe Grammar School.

"Cool...a quantum leap forward from Reason!Able."

- Andrew Palmer, Associate Professor of Law, University of Melbourne, and practising barrister

"Your new software is genuinely dazzling – both at a practical level and at a theoretical level. Congratulations!"

- Peter Tillers, Professor of Law, Yeshiva University

"Once they start to see this as a normal, natural way to think through their essay plan, the quality of their essays jumps noticeably. Students who were baffled at first start to feel that they really can do this stuff. That's magic."

- Mark Matcott, Lilydale High School