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Austhink is a critical thinking research, training and consulting group specializing in complex reasoning and argumentation. 

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Argument Mapping

Austhink are leaders in argument mapping, the use of software-supported graphical techniques for handling complex argumentation.  Argument maps help us comprehend, evaluate, produce and communicate complex reasoning on any topic.


Austhink has developed a set of six online Argument Mapping Tutorials

Enhancing our Grasp of Complex Arguments (Paul Monk with Tim van Gelder)
An overview of the use of argument mapping to augment our capacity to handle complex reasoning and argumentation, and to improve deliberative judgment. This paper was presented by Paul Monk as a plenary address to the 2004 Fenner Conference on the Environment, Australian Academy of Science, Canberra, 24 May 2004.


Austhink is hiring people for its new software development project.  We are seeking .NET programmers and a research assistant.  More information.

Courses and Workshops

Austhink provides courses and workshops designed to enhance performance in situations demanding high levels of critical thinking.  This training is delivered to professional firms, businesses and government organizations.  

Now open for enrolment:

Advanced Reasoning and Analysis

Remaining 2005 Dates: 5-7 Dec.

"Excellent... It gave me insights into why analyses are flawed when previously I merely suspected that poor analyses were of that standard without always being able to say why. I think every professional consultant needs the skills taught in the workshop and needs to be able to apply these skills in daily working life... These guys know what they are doing." - senior partner, major law firm


Monk Writings

Rethinking China: Australia and the World
Address given at launch of Thunder from the Silent Zone at Asialink, 7 September 2005.

Mao - The Great Hell's Man
Mao Zedong was an odious tyrant, responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of his own people. In arguing this in her new biography of Mao, Jung Chang, is not telling the world anything new. In presenting the story to a wide readership in highly digestible form, however, she is doing the world a service. She and her co-author, husband Jon Halliday, could, nonetheless, have done a better job. In particular, they should have been more rigorous in their use of data on the staggering death toll from Mao's misrule - and that of the Communist Party, which still rules China in his name.

Revolution in Defence
The Australian Defence Force is being reshaped from a continental defence force into a mobile joint force for a spectrum of 21st century operations. This reshaping entails a major overhaul of the force structure, reforms to the defence department and sustained work on doctrine and training for the armed services. It will take place over the next decade or so. The reforms in question have their roots in a decade of serious thinking, led by the best minds in the military and pre-eminently by those in the Army. There will be imperfections in the reforms, as there are in those of the biggest and best militaries, but there is movement and it is in more or less the right direction. AFR, 8 Jul 05

More Writings by Dr. Paul Monk

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