Consulting Projects

Austhink Consulting engages in partnership with you to examine a wide range of issues, such as organisational systems and processes, strategic plans, or specific decisions faced by your organisation.  Our strength and expertise lie in our method and techniques that are designed to bring out the expertise of your people.

We prepare highly visual reports and posters which dramatically increase clarity on complex issues.

Many of our projects address sensitive issues and are prepared confidentially for our clients, however we are able to make available this recent report:  'Why Tanks?  Why Abrams?  The application of argument mapping to a contentious public policy debate.'

Full Report pdf  5MB 97 pages

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The reports are provided in pdf format and are designed to be printed in full colour, double sided on thick A3 paper, or contact us to purchase a professional copy:  

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Feedback from our clients on our Consulting Projects

"The way argument mapping lays out the reasoning in contentious cases is fantastic!"

Director of a Major Think tank

"Setting out cases in this manner makes them transparent."

Brigadier of a Defence Organisation

"What Austhink are doing is great for this country."

Deputy Director of an Australian Government Organisation.


Consulting Project Case Study


'What's going on here?' Interpreting information to assess risk

The client's brief

How do you assess the risk associated with something if you don't know very much about it - and can't find out? If you receive hundreds of "tips offs" but you know most of them are false alarms yet can't afford to get it wrong, how do you sort which leads are worth investigating further - and which aren't?

This was the challenge confronting our client.

Our solution

First, working with our client, we analysed the risk assessment process into its components and identified where enhancements could be made. We then embarked on two simultaneous avenues of investigation:

1) We conducted in-house field research with the client's assessors to identify what made good assessors good.  How did the experts' thinking process differ from that of novices?  We observed experts and novices tackling some cases and discussed their methods with them, particularly focusing on the useful strategies expert assessors used.

2) We surveyed the relevant research literature.  Because of our backgrounds in cognitive science, we were able to draw on the research literature and combine it with the client's practical expertise to devise a simple but powerful technique to facilitate the process of generating hypotheses.

The technique now enables the assessors to consider a richer, wider range of possible explanations of what the information might mean, which:

  • makes assessing the risk associated with each possible scenario more manageable,
  • makes assessors better able to sort leads reliably, and
  • makes the unit less likely to waste time and resources on dead ends.


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