Argument Mapping For Hire

For Individuals

Austhink Consulting works side-by-side with you, from your input, on your issues, to suit your deadlines.

Expert argument mappers work with you to:

  • Neatly capture the logic of the case
  • Act as a sounding board
  • Clarify the levels of reasoning
  • Plan the presentation or document
  • Construct your executive summary
  • And even write the report for you if you want!  Click here to see a sample client report.
For Groups

Austhink also facilitate real-time mapping with groups of stakeholders.

 The Austhink mapper objectively:

  • maps the group's key issues
  • distinguishes the supporting evidence
  • challenges the group to cover more ground
  • de-personalises strongly held views
  • eases the path to rational consensus

Feedback from our clients on Argument Mapping for Hire

"The most useful exercise I've done in ten years."

Global Technology Manager of a Mining Corporation.

"The Board really loves this approach."

Senior Executive of a Major Utility.  

Argument Mapping for Hire Case Study


'How do we win the prize?' Building a cogent, evidence-based case 

The Client's Brief

In a fiercely competitive market, Australia's major banks want to win a prominent international award for their initiatives.  Our client wanted a new approach to getting their point across; they engaged Austhink to help build a compelling, evidence-based case for a higher score. 

Our Solution
  • Austhink researched the client's past approach and the international rating process to identify priorities for a) a face-to-face presentation in Europe to a leader in the international rating organisation, and b) the detailed survey response.


  • A workshop for subject matter experts from across the bank introduced the key principles of argument mapping, to support a move away from technically detailed presentations and towards more strategically organised arguments.


  • Austhink then mapped side-by-side with the subject matter experts, coaching them in refining the logical structure and the flow of evidence for each case.


  • The co-ordinator and Austhink then worked closely on structuring the documentary support for the presentation in Europe, and for the subsequent survey response, with powerful, well-supported claims and potential objections rebutted in advance.


The European leader congratulated the team on a cogent and succinct argument for leadership, and announced that her thinking had changed as a result of the presentation.


New!  The results are in and it's a victory:  Our client won the award!


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