About Us

Austhink Consulting provide expert argument mapping, training courses and consulting projects for professionals.


Austhink Consulting's services are designed to assist you to:

  • build a successful, evidence-based case, anticipate rebuttals, and communicate your case effectively
  • make complex decisions and plan strategically
  • make sense of highly complex material and get your own thinking clear before you present or prepare reports.


We can teach you our techniques, or if you're too busy, let us it do it for you. 


Our services are unique because:

  • our consultants are extremely well qualified
  • we use our signature technique, argument mapping, rather than a lite weight tool with no theoretical or empirical backing


If you're tired of death by powerpoint, door stopper reports, debate argy-bargy without clarity and resolution, decision paralysis or style without substance, give us a call.


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Austhink Consulting is based in Melbourne, Australia.  We currently provide services in other Australian states, the USA and the UK.


To discuss our services, or to arrange a free presentation and demonstration, contact Jane Lewis on +61 3 9348 1013 or jml@austhink.com.


Our sister company provides services specifically designed for Educators and Software that supports you to map your case with ease.