Austhink Consulting

Austhink Consulting is a boutique management consultancy that helps organizations make substantial improvements to their performance and bottom line.

During a downturn, making the right decisions fast is crucial. But many organizations struggle to analyze, evaluate and choose from all the options, particularly when there are multiple stakeholders, lack of consensus and highly complex issues. Wicked problems can bog down and consume vital time and energy.

Our consulting services and methods provide crystal clarity to organizations around their most challenging issues and decisions, thereby revealing a clear path forward. We help our clients save time and money, minimize risk and gain a competitive edge.

Our clients span the corporate and government sectors, in the legal, banking, mining, retail, utilities, educational, intelligence and defense industries. Though the content of their challenges differs widely, what all our clients have in common is a need for enhanced clarity in dealing with complex high-risk issues. We bring methods, not content, to the table.

Our innovative methods and tools are based on internationally acknowledged cognitive research on critical thinking and visual intelligence. We offer facilitation and consulting services for immediate results and partner with our clients to deliver change management and training for long-term in-house capability.

For further information on our consulting or training services, please contact us.