Need a speaker?

Paul Monk

Dr. Paul Monk 

Paul is well-known in the major media as a speaker and writer on cultural and geopolitical affairs.  Paul worked at the Defence Intelligence Organisation and as a University Lecturer before joining Austhink as Managing Director of Austhink Consulting.  Paul's work emphasises the need for critical thinking in addressing public policy issues.

Dr. Paul Monk speaks on a wide range of topics including:

     - Argument Mapping as a Critical Tool in Public Debate

     - China

     - Defence

Tim van Gelder

Dr. Tim van Gelder 

In addition to Tim's roles as CEO of Austhink Software and Director of Austhink Consulting, he holds an Associate Professorship in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Melbourne where he has lectured for almost two decades on critical thinking.  Tim has over 60 publications in the area of cognitive science, and was the winner of the 2001 Eureka prize for critical thinking.

Dr. Tim van Gelder speaks on the following topics:

     - Argument Mapping

     - Critical Thinking