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Austhink Consulting

Austhink Consulting is the practice arm of Austhink.

We provide:

in the domain of clear, critical thinking. 


Why do we need clear, critical thinking?

Information overload - we need to sift, organise and assess what's relevant and valuable.

Demanding and sceptical audiences - we need to present and write logically to persuade others or justify decisions and actions.


What helps us think critically? 

  • Recognition of cognitive limitations
  • Techniques to counteract them, such as argument mapping
  • Skills development through practice of the techniques and the internalisation of the logical principles that underpin them

Argument mapping turns linear language tasks (that tax human short-term memory) into colourful manipulable diagrams (that harness our powerful visual and spatial intelligence). 


“Simple things should be simple, complex things should be possible.” (Alan Kay)