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Sheena Dougherty

Having spent the better part of a decade in independent schools education, Sheena Dougherty has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Monash University, a Graduate Diploma in Education also from Monash University and a Masters of Business Administration from Deakin University. She has taught at both Primary and Secondary level in Australia and in the United Kingdom. In more recent years she has been involved at a strategic ICT policy level within the Grammar School system. In addition to this, she has also been at a policy level with the Victorian Independent Schools Superannuation Fund. She has taught across a wide range of curriculum and is passionate about the need for students in Australia to become ‘critical thinkers’.

Sheena is a committed educator with experience in the technology and telecommunications sector, having spent time at Apple Computer in Australia, KTZ Technology in South Africa, and at National Project Management level with Optus in Australia. This breadth of experience has exposed Sheena to the need to develop reasoning, structuring, evaluating and communicating skills in students at a young age in order for tomorrow’s leaders to become visionary in their meta-cognitive reasoning and thinking. Through Rationale, Sheena sees the potential for students in Australia to grow as insightful, thoughtful, analytical and clear thinkers who are able to make accurate judgments and develop higher order thinking skills so desperately needed in the global economy. Sheena is excited about the way in which Rationale will shape decision making in this country and beyond in the short, medium and long term. She is excited about assisting her profession in understanding and weaving the use of Rationale into the fabric of schools curriculum. In her view, good decision making is a fundamental skill for the leaders of tomorrow and through the use of Rationale, clarity of thought and ‘critical thinking’ has the potential to give Australia an edge in a relentlessly competitive global economy.

In her spare time, Sheena enjoys rowing, theatre, reading, cycling and Siamese cats.