Past News & Events

  • Austhink is hiring
    We are looking to rapidly grow our sales and marketing team and are seeking a Director of Sales to do that.

  • Ratatouille - Another Helping
    The June issue of Ratatouille, the Rationale newsletter, is hot out of the Austhink oven and ready for hungry eyes. Hear about the Tournament of Minds competition, the Tanks Report for the Australian Army and check out our tips and special offer. Subscribe to Ratatouille or see past issues. (June 07)

  • Rationale Wiki
    Share Rationale-related stuff - ideas, maps, templates, lesson plans - on the new Rationale Wiki.

  • Rationale Thoughts
    Tim van Gelder's blog on matters broadly related to Austhink and Rationale™.

  • Become an Austhink Partner
    Austhink are aggressively expanding the global reach of Rationale™ and we are actively seeking new partners. Become an Austhink web affiliate, referral partner or a reseller.

  • Ratatouille Newsletter
    The first issue of Ratatouille has just been released. Ratatouille is a monthly serve of Rationale news, user tips, special offers and more. Subscribe to Ratatouille. (May 07)
  • Rationale v1.3 Release!
    Rationale v1.3 is now available. Learn with integrated online exercises; share resources on the Rationale Wiki; and drag and drop files from the browser on to your workspace. Download now.
  • Austhink on ABC TV Catalyst
    See or read about Paul Monk explaining the benefits of argument mapping to business success on Catalyst.
  • The Education Age, 26/3
    The Critical Edge: the latest article by Austhink's Dr Yanna Rider in The Education Age.
  • The Education Age, 12/3
    Just give me the right reason: the first of two articles by Dr Yanna Rider, appearing in Melbourne newspaper The Age's education supplement. Learn more about critical thinking in your school.
  • Provoking Students into Thinking
    Argument mapping can enhance students' understanding of Legal Studies content and increase their critical thinking skills. Read Dr Fiona Patterson's latest article in Compak, the publication of the Victorian Commercial Teachers Association.