We have a number of different resources to assist you with argument mapping and using Rationale™:

Argument Mapping

What is argument mapping? Why is it useful? Why should I map? How does it help with critical thinking? Find out here!

The One-Minute Mapper

Short of time or need a refresher? Check out The One-Minute Mapper (pdf) - it's two pages long, and one's all pictures!

Free Online Argument Mapping Tutorials

Six tutorials covering the fundamentals of argument mapping.

Extensive built-in help

Rationale™ has comprehensive help built-in help including Quick Start, FAQ and guides to Grouping, Reasoning, Analysis, Essay Planning and Exporting.

Rationale Discussion Forum

Join the Rationale Google Group and particpate in discussions of all things Rationale and argument mapping.

Guides and FAQs

Support Materials including

Training courses

Austhink provides a range of training services in critical thinking skills, ranging from 2 hour modules to workshops of up to 7 days.