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Austhink is a critical thinking research, training and consulting group specializing in complex reasoning and argumentation. 

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Facilities for Austhink Workshops

Austhink workshops make heavy use of visualization techniques and small-group computer-based practice.  The ideal environment for such workshops is illustrated by the Multimedia Classroom at Trinity College, University of Melbourne. 

Key features of this environment include: 

  • Data projector and instructor's computer, or ability to plug in a laptop.
  • "SMART Board" a combination of a whiteboard and a screen for the data projector.  The SMART Board is touch-sensitive, allowing the computer to be controlled by touching the screen; and it allows both standard whiteboard drawing, as well as computer-based drawing.
  • "Pods" for small group computer-based practice.  These have a single computer with large, high-resolution monitor built into a table around which 3-4 participants can comfortably sit and work together.
  • Software such as Net Support School Tutor which allows any computer in the room to be controlled from the instructor's computer, displayed on the main screen, etc.
  • Printer - preferably A3 colour laserprinter
  • Internet connection to all computers
  • Video, DVD and sound
  • In addition to the pods, a large table around which all participants can gather for whole-group sessions
  • Additional whiteboards

Maximum learning is achieved to the extent that all the above features are present.

The only absolutely essential feature (apart from the standard features of any training room) is the data projector.

Other features promote learning but it is possible to manage without them.
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