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Critical Metacognition

Why does judgement go wrong?

It may not simply be bad luck, lack of raw IQ, or faulty information. In recent decades cognitive scientists have uncovered a wide range of systematic biases and blindspots, hardwired by evolution into the human brain, operating behind the scenes to diminish the quality of judgement in even the most highly trained experts. They generally cannot be eliminated, but we can take measures to reduce their effect.

Critical metacognition

Critical metacognition is actively thinking about the thinking process itself, applying deliberate strategies to improve the quality of judgement. It is the art of using your brain as a critical thinking tool, understanding its strengths and weaknesses, and actively compensating for its deficiencies.


Austhink arranges intensive workshops in which participants

  • come to understand the nature and importance of critical metacognition

  • learn about the most critical cognitive biases and blindspots

  • acquire simple and effective strategies for improving judgement

The outcome is improved general critical thinking skills, useful in any domain where the quality of thinking really matters.


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