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Austhink Consulting helps organisations understand and improve their thinking practices. The intended outcomes are

  • better performance - particularly "hit rates" in making judgments
  • improved efficiency, i.e., key thinking activities should take less time and less effort without compromising performance
  • better accountability.

Austhink has three key strengths in this area:

  • A strong background in contemporary cognitive science, and an ability to bring that scientific knowledge to bear on practical problems
  • Experience helping a range of organisations improve their thinking practices
  • Particular expertise in logic, argument and deliberation, and the application of new tools and techniques to these forms of thinking.

Austhink can provide an organisation with:

  • Greater insight into the nature of core thinking practices in the organisation
  • Recommendations for improving those practices
  • Assistance with implementing those recommendations
  • Follow-up training services


If you would like to further explore how Austhink Consulting may be able to assist your organisation, please contact Dr. Paul Monk, our Managing Director and head of consulting services.

  • pmm@austhink.com
  • +61 3 8317 1002 ext 103
  • +61 433 128 818