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Austhink Software is developing Rationale, a software package for personal computers. Rationale supports argument mapping, the graphical presentation of complex reasoning and argument.  Rationale will be the first such software based on graph layout algorithms developed specifically for this unique domain. Rationale will have two versions:

Rationale School

A relatively simple, low-priced product intended for use in educational contexts.  The main function of Rationale School is to help students, from upper-primary through to postgraduate levels, learn the fundamentals of reasoning and argument, and to improve their skills.

Rationale Pro

An office productivity tool intended to be used alongside and with other packages in the typical "office" suite such as Word and PowerPoint.  Thus Rationale Pro can be thought of as "argument processor" rather than a text processor (Word) or a document processor (Publisher).  Rationale Pro will have powerful capacities for handling generic reasoning and argument structures, and will also have plugins for the special needs and styles of distinct professional domains such as business, law and intelligence.