Austhink Software

Austhink Software Pty Ltd is one of the two companies under the Austhink banner (the other being Austhink Consulting).

Austhink Software was founded in 2004 with the mission of creating the world's leading software for critical thinking, in both education and the workplace. In particular, it aimed to create the first commercial-grade software for argument mapping, a technique which had been shown in extensive research by the Reason Project at the University of Melbourne to be very effective in building critical thinking skills.

Work on Rationale™, Austhink Software's "flagship" argument mapping product, commenced in late 2005. Version 1 was completed and released by August 2006.

Austhink Software is now selling Rationale™ to schools, organisations and individuals around the world, and continuing development of the software and associated materials. We expect in the future to also build other kinds of software for critical thinking.

It currently has around ten full-time staff. Our offices are in the very congenial inner-city neighborhood of Carlton, in walking distance from the University of Melbourne in one direction, the famed restaurant district known as Lygon St in another, and the Melbourne CBD in the third.

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