At Austhink, we are leaders in decision mapping and argument mapping: visual techniques for organizing thinking and handling complex argumentation.

Our customer base includes large banks and resources companies; major law firms; schools and major universities in Australia, Europe and North America including the University of Melbourne, Hogeschool Utrecht and the New York Law School; Australian state and federal government departments; and intelligence and security agencies.

The Austhink banner joins two Australian companies based in Melbourne:

Austhink Software

Austhink Software was founded in 2004 by leading critical thinking researcher Dr Tim van Gelder. Its mission is to create the world’s leading software for critical thinking and decision making, in both business and education.

The company’s products developed from Reason!Able, an argument mapping program developed by van Gelder and colleagues at the University of Melbourne. Research proved Reason!Able to be very effective in building students’ critical thinking skills. Austhink Software sought first-round funding in 2005 to support product development and market readiness for Rationale™, based on Reason!Able and designed to accelerate the development of rigorous critical thinking and communication skills in the education sector.

Building on the success of Rationale, bCisive®# was developed for the business market, using the same intuitive drag-and-drop interface and argument mapping methodology to support business decision making. In 2007, second-round funding of AU$4.1 million was secured and is being used to continue the development of bCisive, implement international sales and marketing initiatives, and begin the development of a web-based solution.

Austhink Consulting

Founded in 2000, Austhink Consulting provides services around clear and critical thinking and powerful communication. It is now Australia’s leading niche consulting firm in areas such as critical thinking training and structured argumentation.