Melanie Bissett



Melanie Bissett works as a Research Associate with Austhink Consulting.  

Since joining Austhink, Melanie has worked on projects with Government clients to improve specific thinking practices.  Melanie also worked on the Reason! project at the University of Melbourne, performing a meta-analysis to compare the efficacy of different types of critical thinking skills training.

Before joining Austhink, Melanie worked with the Centre for Adolescent Health and the (now defunct) Victorian Schools Innovation Commission on strategies to promote engagement and wellbeing among school students.  Rather than add-on strategies, Melanie explored comprehensive models which enable educators to reach learning, engagement, wellbeing, pathways and transitions goals. You can download the report Restructuring Year 9 (1.14MB pdf) which discusses an inquiry-based learning approach.  While this approach is targeted for students in the middle years, it can be easily adapted to students at any year level. 

Melanie is completing a PhD in psychology on boredom among middle school students.