Dan Prager

Dan Prager

About Dan
Daniel Prager turns ideas into software.

Dan likes the excitement of working at Austhink, especially the creativity, team-work and multiple hats that go part-and-parcel with being at a start-up.

He believes that original software development is about individual and group learning; is both Empirical and Deductive, and Spontaneous and Planned. (He likes the odd contradiction.)

Dan has worked in a variety of jobs in both the private and public sector, always to do with software and/or mathematics, and has experience in consulting, teaching, project management, and team leadership.

Dan’s expertise includes
• Application Development
• Uses of mathematical modelling in software
• Decision-Making and Operations Research
• User-Interface design and trade-offs
• The transition from Research to Development

He is interested in the use of Agile methods (including Pair Programming and Test-Driven Development), semi-formal methods (such as Design-By-Contract), which are all used at Austhink, and Functional Programming.

Education: "Doctor Dan"
Born and educated in Melbourne, Australia, Dan holds a Ph D in Mathematics, a first class honours degree in Applied Mathematics, and a Diploma of Education.

Family: "Captain Daddy"
Dan and his partner have two small children, who are both naughty red-heads.

Martial Arts: "Sensei Dan"
Dan has been learning (and more recently teaching) martial arts – mainly Jiu-Jitsu and Classical Judo – for a fair while. He blogs about Martial Arts and Modern Life .

• Favourite joke on the web
• Dan would like to get back into improvisational acting, but currently doesn’t have any spare time