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Austhink is a critical thinking research, training and consulting group specializing in complex reasoning and argumentation. 

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Argument Mapping

Austhink are leaders in argument mapping, the use of software-supported graphical techniques for handling complex argumentation.  Argument maps help us comprehend, evaluate, produce and communicate complex reasoning on any topic.


Austhink has developed a set of six online Argument Mapping Tutorials


Courses and Workshops

Austhink provides courses and workshops designed to enhance performance in situations demanding high levels of critical thinking.  This training is delivered to professional firms, businesses and government organizations.  

Now open for enrolment:

Advanced Reasoning and Analysis 2004 dates: Jun 2-4, Aug 11-13, Nov 10-12.

"Excellent... It gave me insights into why analyses are flawed when previously I merely suspected that poor analyses were of that standard without always being able to say why. I think every professional consultant needs the skills taught in the workshop and needs to be able to apply these skills in daily working life... These guys know what they are doing." - senior partner, major law firm

Argument Mapping
A one-day intensive introduction to argument mapping, provided by Melbourne University Private. 31 May 2004


Monk Writings

Collins Class Intelligence
The Collins affair has been taken up with gusto by The Bulletin, which has backed calls for a Royal Commission into the intelligence system. Collins allegations, however, appear to be confused and the call for a Royal Commission even more so. The intelligence system is not perfect, but a Royal Commission would be a most inefficient way of doing anything about this. Only a cool-headed and sustained concentration on better intelligence work is likely to improve the system over time.  A version of this essay appeared in The New Observer

Taiwan's Options
The claim by China to sovereignty over Taiwan is rooted in historical grievances and strategic ambitions that could yet lead to war. Such a war would be a disaster for all concerned, but that does not justify merely capitulating to China's obsession in this matter. What it calls for, instead, is a dialogue about constructive possibilities, rooted in a fuller understanding of the histories of both China and Taiwan than almost anyone involved in the matter tends to exhibit. This is an address given by Dr Monk to university students in Tainan, southern Taiwan, and Ilan, north-eastern Taiwan, in April.

The Clock Chimes Thirteen
On Richard Clarke’s muddled account of an intelligence puzzle. A version is appearing in AFR.

The Malady of Islam
Abdelwahhab Meddeb is a sort of French Tunisian Harold Bloom - a secularised literary critic who writes eruditely and flamboyantly about religion. He writes that radical Islam is the malady of the Arabic world. His book is one of a number of recent books by scholars of Muslim origin calling for an end to Islamic fundamentalism and a modernisation of the Muslim world. (A version of this appeared in The Diplomat.)

More Writings by Dr. Paul Monk

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